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Mission Statement
To support the recovery and family bonding of Wounded Warriors, Warrior spouses, caregivers and their children through the recreational therapy of 
snow sports and other outdoor recreational activities.

Wounded Warrior Patrol is NOT associated in any manner or form with the Wounded Warrior Project and does not share funding, cooperation or advertising with them.

The Wounded Warrior Patrol was formed based on the initial ties between the military and the National Ski Patrol. With Minnie Dole, founder of the National Ski Patrol, making the presentation to the United States War Department recommending the organization of a mountain warfare unit, which in turn led to the predecessor of the elite 10th Mountain Division, the National Ski Patrol and United States Military became permanently entwined. It is the efforts of those returning veterans that helped build the ski industry in the United States to what it is today.

In homage to those veterans of the Greatest Generation, the Wounded Warrior Patrol was formed in the spring of 2011 based on the need to pay it forward to our Wounded Warriors of this generation.

Based in the Carlisle, Pennsylvania area, the organization is run entirely by non-paid volunteers. The Wounded Warrior Patrol Board is comprised of ski patrollers, their family members and friends many of whom are veterans. Currently, there are more than 20 active member volunteers who give countless hours each year to the planning and execution of our core mission.

Beginning in 2012, the Wounded Warrior Patrol has offered an annual all-expenses paid ski vacation to selected Wounded Warriors, Veterans and their families. These participants and their families can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and other indoor and outdoor activities during the annual ski/snowboard event. No prior experience skiing or snowboarding is necessary. For those unable to use skis or snowboards in a conventional manner, specialized instruction and adaptive ski equipment are provided. Ski instructors and ski buddies work with individuals, families and groups to ensure everyone has as much time on snow during the week as possible. 

This event is funded through our annual golf tournament, t-shirt and novelty sales, car washes and in-kind donations. In addition, the Wounded Warrior Patrol holds awareness events and participatesin other community activities to bring attention to our cause.

Jim K., a 2012 Family Ski Week Participant said, “Thank you so much for this opportunity to help me reconnect with my children.  This is a gift I could never repay.”

The Wounded Warrior Patrol is a nonprofit corporation organized under the IRS tax code 501(c)3.

The organization is designated as a Veterans Support Group and is entitled to tax-exempt status under this registration.

While many members are veterans and ski patrollers, membership is open to anyone with a desire to help these Wounded Warriors.

Ability to ski is NOT a requirement for membership.


Committee Chairperson Co-Chairperson Members
Fund Raising Ed Hirshman
U.S. Air Force Veteran
Legal  Andy Miller     
Marketing  Amy Selby
Spouse of USMC Veteran 
Denise Bernatos
Spouse of U.S. Army Veteran
Quartermaster  Bob Wohlschlegel 
U.S. Navy (retired)
Ski Program 

Bob Bernatos 
U.S. Army Veteran

Ron Helm 

Chris Raup
National Guard (retired) 

Volunteers  Denise Helm  Tom Buckwalter
U.S. Army Veteran 
Warrior Selection Ken Graf
U.S. Army Veteran 
Ian Selby
U.S. Marine Veteran
Internet Services Stu Ives
U.S. Army (retired)
Steve Hulbert  
Media Jim Hanks
U.S. Army Veteran

Board Members at Large

Ed Hirshman - U.S. Air Force Veteran |  Dave Sonner
Larry Hassman |  Ron & Denise Helm
Bob Bernatos - U.S. Army Veteran |  Denise Bernatos
Cindy Kendrick |  Chuck Fernald
Stu Ives - U.S. Army Veteran | Rick Mailey - National Guard Veteran
Ian Selby - U.S. Marine Corps
| Bob Wohlschlegel - U.S. Navy Veteran
Jim Hanks - U.S. Army Veteran | Charlie Dunn - U.S. Navy Veteran
John Henderson | Nick and Jen James
Keith Keiser | Jack Peck - U.S. Army Veteran
Randy Babcock | Shane Bettis
495px line
Dick Bensel | Cindy Bensel

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